"We rise by lifting others."

-Robert Ingersoll


Web for Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit composed of a network of experienced, knowledgeable, and remarkable individuals who believe in and know the value of helping others. Web for Hope creates a “web” of hope and help around deserving families with resources, education, financial assistance, and support so families achieve their true potential and in turn, give back to their community.  Web for Hope collaborates with other nonprofit organizations to assist families and partner on community projects.


  • To make a lasting change in the lives of families in need by providing a network of resources who will provide necessary guidance, education, and fundraising to return the family to independent living.
  • To support the efforts of local community-based non-profits.
  • To develop and maintain a network of resources for families in need.


  • Families that have fallen on tough times due to serious illness, job loss, or recent personal loss. 
  • Community-based projects that have long reaching community impact.


  • Screening and assessment of family needs.
  • Goal setting with family.
  • Provide a “web” of support through volunteers.
  • Support family in reaching needs and goals through fundraising, education, networking, and financial assistance.
  • Assess and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Give back to community by becoming a “web” volunteer.